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Wonder Wax is the amazing new way to remove unwanted hair without the pain and irritation of traditional waxing. The secret is our Exclusive All Natural Beeswax formula that it sticks to hair, not skin, so you get quick and less painful results every time. Best of all, with Wonder Wax you’ll stay hair-free for up to 8 weeks after you use it!

As a part of today’s special offer, when you order 1 set of Wonder Wax for just $10.00, we’ll also include a second Wonder Wax kit for FREE, just pay the separate processing and handling of $6.99. As an added Bonus, you’ll also get a FREE bottle of our Rejuvenating Cream to prevent ingrowns, and for extra soft, smooth, glowing skin!
YES! Please include my second FREE set for only $6.99 S&H!
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Less pain compared to traditional strip waxes!

Sales tax included for deliveries to CA (8.25%) and NJ (7%).
30-Day Money back Guarantee (less s\p&h).
$1.00 WSF (Web Service Fee) added to each order.